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Coke Regalia Spectacular Billboard on EDSA 2001

It's a fun exercise to go through my hard drive and see what kind of OOH media we had twenty years ago.  I was able to find one of the earliest implementations of a spectacular drop-down banner done in 2001.

I was just new in McCann at this time and this was initially implemented by Mon Samarista.  This was supposed to run from May 30, 2001 to August 15, 2001 for a total media cost of PhP 3.2 million. 

The difficult part in this project was having to take down the banner mid way because of Typhoon Gorio.

The material for this was not your ordinary tarpaulin. 
Produced by MMTI in Malaysia the ad material was printed in mesh so as not to create extensive wind load, given the height and size of the building attached structure.  The cost for printing was at PhP 1.1 million.

The size of our banner was 70 feet wide by 140 feet high.  At this point in time, there was no other billboard with the same dimensions.  So again, this was a first for UniversalMcCann.

After the run of Coke, we tried pitching this site to other McCann clients.  Unfortunately, at that time, a PhP 1million per month price tag was too steep even for one of McCann's biggest clients, Globe Telecom. 

Our site supplier for this execution was DDBS Unlimited, a supplier who delivered on time despite the aberrations in the weather.

It is interesting to note that a PhP 1million per month rent for a billboard was really unheard of then.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is an Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  He is a constant subject matter expert on matters pertaining to Out-Of-Home Media and Digital Signage.  He is also the industry journalist for OOH in the Philippines.

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