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Vote Wisely OAAP!  The future of the OOH media industry is in our hands.
 Kinetic appoints King Lai to lead Asia-Pacific
OAAP 2012 Expo at SMX with Outdoor Advertising Philippines OOH Media Conference
The Philippines' Event for Digital Out-Of-Home Media Happens at the BGC on October 12!
Billboard on EDSA calls all Geniuses to Come Home
Goldilocks Usurps Red Ribbon's Former EDSA Billboard
Shell V-Power Nitro+ at GA Tower
Makati LED
SM Arena Eye-Shaped LED
Removal of Ford C5 Ad
Guadalupe Billboard Site Dismantling
Billboards Rolled Down as Typhoon Buchoy Closes In on Philippines
Rayban Site becomes Available on June 16, 2012
Digital Signage World Asia 2012
Vice Ganda for Belo Medical Group
Coco Martin for Wade
Georgina Wilson for Sexy Solutions by Belo
Ed Westwick for Penshoppe
David Archuleta for Bench Fix Professional
New Bench Billboard Materials have been installed at EDSA Guadalupe prime sites.
Alden Richards posts for Folded & Hung at the EDSA Guadalupe Southbound Billboard Site.
New Material for EDSA Billboard of Century Properties
Canon LRT Ad Placement on Gilmore
Smart Billboard Reinstalled after Inspection; Lucky Me not too lucky
Outdoor Advertising Industry Overview
MMDA Continues Removal of EDSA Billboards
Globe Billboards Removed, Smart Billboard Remains