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Vote Wisely OAAP! The future of the OOH media industry is in our hands.

Tomorrow will not just be an ordinary day.  It will be the day when the future of the out-of-home media industry will be decided on.  I say this because as we know it, tomorrow will not just be the 4th GMM of the OAAP and Christmas Fellowship.  Tomorrow is also the day we elect new leaders to represent the industry.  Unlike all other previous elections, what is critical for 2013 is the fact that the OAAP will be sitting in a forum with the MMDA to chart out where to take the backbone of the OOH media industry, the billboard sector.

As I see it, the upcoming fora which will take place given the recent signing of the MOA with MMDA compels us to choose wisely who we will field as representatives at the helm of our organization.  Personally, I have my work cut out clearly.  It is imperative that the much needed numbers and data on the OOH industry be delivered from my end so that everyone in the forum, PANA and 4As included, understand the breadth and depth of OOH media.  With or without the title I had for 2012 as Chairman for Information and Education in OAAP, a credible resource has to give the overview for all forum/technical working group participants. 

What critically needs to be decided upon would be the nine (9) directors who will comprise the officers of the OAAP for 2013.  The year ahead is a critical one and so we should ensure that our organization will be able to navigate the course ahead given the developments in digital media, society, and communications in general.

As one of the info and numbers guys in OAAP, I would like to ask you to click on the link below and see if this simple survey of mine will produce the same results tomorrow.

Think well OAAP members!  Most of all, nominate and vote wisely. 

The results will give us an idea of what to expect tomorrow.  

Please do not vote twice!

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