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LED Billboards on EDSA Guadalupe - Digital Out-of-Home in the Philippines

DOOH is increasing in popularity in the Philippines.  What is DOOH anyway?  DOOH stands for Digital Out-of-Home Media.  Standard Out-of-Home Media refers to the usual billboards, posters, lightboxes, lamp post banners, bus sheds, transit ads and more.

Digital Out-of-Home Media is characterized by the use of LED panels which provide a dynamic video image on the billboard instead of your normal static tarpaulin.  Some brands attest to the usefulness of DOOH over traditional static OOH because it increases the brand's visibility with outdoor LED Billboards with a moving and entertaining image especially when placed in high traffic locations which will allow the motorist or passenger ample time to view the LED screen.

One popular location for LED billboards in the Philippines is on the short stretch of EDSA, the nation's main artery, in that part beginning from Guadalupe Bridge to Pioneer Street.  All traffic moving northbound coming from Makati to Ortigas Central Business District can see two billboards on the Guadalupe bridge at the Mandaluyong side of the Pasig River.  One LED screen is closer to the road and is vertical in nature, while the other one is a humongous one with a horizontal orientation.

Shown below are the two panels in the foreground (shaded yellow in the middle and right)

Also at the far end of the stretch is the giant LED at the south wall of the GA Tower (shaded yellow on the left).

If you wish to know more about booking spots on these LED screens, just fill up the contact form below so we can revert with the rates for EDSA Guadalupe DOOH LED Billboards.


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