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How to Book LED Spots on the EDSA Guadalupe LED Billboard

One of the questions I am asked a lot is, "How do I book spots on the LED at EDSA Guadalupe?".

Well, here's a quick overview of how to go about booking those spots on the LED billboard shown above where Lee Min Ho is shown.

1.  Know that the size of that LED Billboard is 50 feet High and 33 feet wide.
2.  The LED billboard is operational from 6:00AM to 12:00 PM (16 Hours)
3.  The regular length of a spot on the LED is 10 seconds
4.  You can book 180 spots per day on the LED.
5.  The 180 spots will give you 30 minutes total of ads.  This doesn't mean that your booking will be 30 minutes straight.  It only means that if all the 180 ten seconders were placed end to end, the total run time would be 30 minutes.

There is a cost for that measure of 30 minutes.  Please fill up the form below:

Contact! Please indicate : LED Guadalupe Booking

You can also send a message here:

Send us a message through this CONTACT FORM. You can also email us through info ( at ) ooh.ph . 

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