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Out-Of-Home Advertising Association of the Philippines Displays COVID19 Info Messages on LEDs

LED by DOOH.ph

LED by CityAds

The industry organization for out-of-home media and advertisng, the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of the Philippines (OHAAP),  has been busy spreading important information about COVID19.  Although there have been less viewers of billboards and LED signage these days, owing to the quarantine, messages pertaining to the fight against COVID 19 as well as messages of thanks to the frontliners, have since been posted on the LED billboards of the association members.

LED by Globaltronics

Among the OOH suppliers seen, showing the messages of gratitude to frontliners and other COVID 19 info were DOOH.PH, City Ads, Globaltronics, and in Cebu, Alcordo Advertising.

LED in Cebu by Alcordo Advertising

LED in Mandaluyong by DOOH.ph

There have been less placements of OOH media owing to the community quarantine but, it is expected that things may pick up again after the ECQ is lifted on May 15, 2020

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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