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When Original Out-Of-Home Media Strategists Meet

MAKATI, Philippines - The quarantine brought about by the pandemic has caused me to do a lot of hard drive cleaning.  In the course of it, I have seen a whole lot of old pics including the immediate aftermath of Typhoon Milenyo.

Among those pics, I found this quick reunion of me and Ronald Garcia in April 2016 in Makati.

There was a time when agencies hardly booked any outdoor advertising. It was too tedious and the commissions were too small, not because the percentages were low but because the base rates were. Billboards then were only 15,000 pesos a month.

McCann-Erickson Philippines, through the foresight of Venus Navalta, saw that there was a gold mine behind this.

The original person designated to champion OOH in McCann was Ronald Garcia. He had previous agency-managed OOH experience coming from Foote, Cone, and Belding (FCB) in Indonesia, working alongside OOH specialist, Portland, of the WPP group.

In 2001, I was managing my family's outdoor advertising business in Bacolod City. Tronco Advertising by then already had an ongoing business relationship with McCann buying media for national clients at local/regional rates. I happened to visit Venus in her office one day in Herrera St. when she surprised me with the invitation to join McCann as one of the first OOH Media Strategists in the Philippine advertising industry.

The invitation was in May of 2001. By July, I left provincial bliss in Negros and became an employee of McCann.

Ronald had just left McCann a few months prior to that time I came in but even before this time, we were already in constant communication.  Ronald handling the OOH account of Nestlé, and myself, a supplier of Nestlé in Bacolod.

Today, Ronald Garcia and myself are the only origs from Agency-side who are still in the business of outdoor.


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