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Breakfast With Alvin Carranza


Mr. DOOH.PH Alvin Carranza and I go a long way back. Unknown to most, we went to the same grade school in the 1970s, La Salle Bacolod. He went to a different high school in Negros, as I went to a different high school in QC. The next time we met, we were in a bus on the way to the 1985 Ad Congress in Baguio in November 1985. He was 19, and I was 17. We both could have been the youngest delegates of "The Second Wind", the theme of that year's Ad Congress.

Alvin was just starting his OOH business in Manila (perhaps a year old) with his first billboard in Mandaluyong, that iconic box of Dunkin Donuts. I on the other hand had just taken a dive to help out our family business, Tronco Advertising Co., Inc. in Bacolod, following the untimely passing of my late father, Larry Tronco in September of the same year.

What most do not know is that, before Alvin dove into OOH (or outdoor advertising as it was called at that time), Alvin sought advise from my dad in Bacolod on venturing into billboards and outdoor advertising in Manila. Back then, Alvin was at a crossroads whether to go to the US and join the US Navy or start a business in Manila in outdoor advertising. My late father, who was then Vice President of the OAAP (President at the time was Tessie Daza), obviously showed him the unlimited possibilities in outdoor advertising.

The rest is history as we know how Carranz Outdoor became MacGraphics Carranz and now more popularly known as DOOH.PH.

What excites me is that at this point in time where I have closed my little OOH agency because of the pandemic, I am now free to independently work across various suppliers giving them the insight on what to explore given the current trends in OOH hallmarked by shorter contracts, lower rates, long periods of waiting for payment and government restrictions.

My consulting work and thought leadership will truly come in handy and I am happy to share the ideas with the OOH media companies who are willing to also "change the game" so to speak. I hope that the small efforts from this little corner will create a ripple effect for all, not just in the OOH sector but for the entire media landscape where OOH campaigns will be seamless with digital campaigns.

This is my Second Wind.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is an Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  He is a constant subject matter expert on Out-Of-Home Media and Digital Signage.  He is also the industry journalist for OOH in the Philippines. 

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