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Out of Home Media in the Philippines


Out of Home Media is the practice of media messages that are not heard in the home, but that are seen and heard in public places. It is the medium of choice for advertisers and media companies to get their messages across to the public. This form of media has a strong presence in the Philippines and in most other countries.

The term “out of home” is the media term used to describe a media outlet that uses any of the following media channels:

  1. Billboards and Banners - Billboard advertising is still very popular with business owners.
  2. Transit Advertising - Transit advertising placements are most common on the sides of buses. ...
  3. Street Furniture
  4. POS (Point-of-Sale) Displays
  5. Mobile Billboards.
  6. Guerilla Advertising Outdoors.

Out of Home Media is a popular medium in the Philippines especially because Filipinos are a highly visual people.

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