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Celebrating 15 Years of Covering the OOH Media Industry

Celebrating 15 Years of Covering the OOH Media Industry

Change is inevitable. Prior to COVID19, we were all trudging along our own merry way, hardly assessing what we had on hand apart from the mundane and material.  Despite the misery the pandemic has brought about, I found a silver lining in the fact that the quarantine period has provided me with the time to assess one of my most important digital assets - my blog on Out-of-Home media.  As far as I know, I do not know of anyone else who is writing about their POVs on OOH Media in consistent fashion.

I started writing the blog in April of 2005 when I exited corporate work at McCann.  I started out without a domain name.  Soon, I started writing under www.Outdoor.PH .  I maintained that for many years until the word "outdoor" was hardly associated as the proper classification to the category, Out-of-Home Media.

So I bought the domain OOH.PH where you are reading this post from.  Today, I have completed transporting all my posts from Outdoor.PH to this blog.  That's about 500 posts made from April 2005 to today.

I will soon let go of my blog Outdoor.PH for two reasons.  One, Outdoor Advertising is so passe' .  I say it not as the medium per se but as a description.  Even the OAAP has changed its name to OHAAP, signaling the change from Outdoor to Out-Of-Home.

Second, I realized that I can now sell Outdoor.PH for at least US$40,000.00!  This can be used by brands like Jeep, North Face, Salomon, or any other brand pertaining to the outdoors.  It could even be used to sell barbecue grills as barbecues are done outdoors!

Laying that aside, I move on to a new era of documenting the shifts and changes in the Out-Of-Home Media Industry.  My passion lies there.

I recall the time that I was to leave my work in McCann, when I mentioned to VP Aleli Villanueva, that as I came in to McCann in 2001, I knew it was quite a difficult situation leaving provincial bliss in Bacolod and starting anew with my young family here in Manila, being in a job where even conflict of interest could arise.  She asked me, "Why did you take the job?". 

To that I had only one answer - PASSION.  The passion for seeing the changes in OOH and MAKING THE CHANGE has always been there.  

Maybe it was my destiny to tag along with my late father in the early days of the OAAP when they would meet at the Barrio Fiesta on EDSA in the mid-1970s.  Maybe it was destiny that our backyard in Bacolod was actually filled with San Miguel billboards painted on Galvanized Iron sheets during the early days of Tronco Advertising, when photographic tarpaulin printing was 20 years away. And maybe it was destiny that out of the blue, Venus Navalta, one of the prime movers in the development of OOH as we know it today, asked me if I would join McCann when it was still back in Herrera St.

In consideration of all of these, you may come to think, the blog may be 15 years old, but the experience behind it runs to around 45 years!

Summing this up, I wish to dedicate all the work in this blog to all of you, my friends in the OOH media industry, spanning both vendor side and buying side on client and agency.  OOH, despite the reduced audience delivery these days because of COVID19 will still remain. 

With this, I hope to keep on writing for another 15 years or more under this new URL:
www.OOH.PH    .

Mabuhay ang OOH!


-Want to know more about consultancy for OOH related matters?  email me at info ( at ) ooh.ph  or drop me a line by clicking here.

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