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Effects of the Special Lane on EDSA on your billboard perfomance

Effects of the Special Lane on EDSA on your billboard performance

When it was announced on May 28, 2020 that a special lane would be created on EDSA for buses to augment the MRT service, an installation of concrete barriers immediately followed.  As a result, private vehicles and other forms of transport were left with the remainder of the lanes on the right.

In some wide portions of EDSA where there are 5 lanes, 4 would be left for private vehicles and in some narrower parts, only 3 lanes would be left.

The direct impact of this is that top of mind, there is an easy 20 to 25% reduction on the daily net viewership of your billboard site because of this move by the IATF. 

20 to 25% less viewership if we were basing it on a pre-ECQ and pre-COVID traffic count.  However, now that there are less cars on the road, I can easily estimate a 45% drop on viewership.

This is just part of the effects of COVID19 on the OOH industry.  I checked with other OOH professionals in neighboring markets and the verdict is that OOH has been badly affected but more so in markets where there is no formal ongoing audience measurement data.

And this is the irony of it all.  The outfit I represent can do the measurement of each specific billboard on EDSA as long as the vendor who owns it is willing to pay for it.  A validated certificate which you can show to client that these are the numbers the site can deliver will be provided and that can serve you for the next 24 months.

So are we moving on this?  Well, ball is in the hands of the industry.  It's what the advertisers and agencies have been clamoring for.  I'd say, give it to them as they have demanded it.

Stay safe and healthy!

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Stay safe and healthy!