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The History of Wedding Proposals on Billboards in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - Yesterday afternoon, a researcher from GMA's Unang Hirit called me to ask if my company had entertained a client who requested to use a billboard for a wedding proposal.  I told her, "I used a billboard for the same message (wedding proposal) but it was only to attract attention to sell the available space".

Putting up a billboard (static tarpaulin) is not cheap.  Printing the tarpaulin alone will set you back by 50,000 Pesos minimum.  Then of course, there's the media rental (payment for the actual use of the space) which has a minimum contract of one month.

The first time I recall that a billboard was used for a wedding proposal message was in Bacolod City.   The year was 1997.  The girl's name was a fictitious Trina.

Soon after, my friend and colleague in the industry, Alvin Carranza, came up with one too.  That was posted in Bacoor, Cavite.  I recall that it even made it to the front page of the Philippine Star around the year 2000.

Moving on, sometime in February 2014, HDI Adventures came up with a full blown campaign which covered EDSA waiting sheds with the message, "Olivia, will you marry me?".

More often than not, any marriage proposal you will see on a tarpaulin billboard will be some sort of a publicity gimmick by the outdoor advertising company.

The recent case of Erich Gonzales being asked out for a coffee date is the exception.

Lloyd Tronco is a Certified Digital Marketer and Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  His experience in OOH Media spans being a vendor for OOH in the Visayas and Mindanao as well as being one of the pioneer OOH Media Strategists in the Philippines at the turn of the millennium. 

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