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Recap of 2011 OOH Events in the Region

February 22 to 25, 2011

Digital Signage Expo 2011

The world's largest international trade show and conference dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology, and Out-of-Home networks. This IS THE Show!

52nd Annual Conference of FEPE
Madrid, Spain

June 22 to 24, 2011
The 3rd Shanghai International Digital Signage Show 2011

China's largest trade show and conference dedicated to digital signage & DOOH industry, creates an effective platform of showcasing, networking, education, idea sharing and market trend understanding to digital signage world, The No.1 choice to expand your DS related business in world’s largest market.

Venue: INTEX Shanghai (77 Xingyi Road)
No. of Exhibitors (expected) : over 170 companies,including 60-80 oversea companies
No. of Visitors (expected) : over 13000,including 3000-5000 oversea visitors
Concurrent Events:The 3rd Shanghai Int'l Digital Signage Forum DS Awards 2011

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