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Lloyd Tronco's bloodtype is O. Could it be that the "O" stands for Outdoor or Out-Of-Home Media? One's guess is as good as another's. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that it is inevitable to have a discussion on out-of-home media in the Philippines without having to mention Lloyd Tronco's name at least once.

The author of OUTlookPH traces his affinity with outdoor media to summer jobs in their family business decades ago when he would work his summers scraping weather-beaten enamel paint from galvanized iron panels, which were in fact the billboards of that era. Long before digital printing came of age and billboards were equated to tarpaulins, the author had is hand in painting billboard panels with read lead as preparation for seasoned artists to hand-paint figures of San Miguel Beer or Cerveza Negra.

Moving up into the management of Tronco Advertising Co., Inc., a Bacolod-based billboard supplier which handled the outdoor media requirements of San Miguel Beer in pre-EDSA Revolution years, the author had his hand in outdoor media management long before billboards became a boom business and long before EDSA was strewn with tarpaulins of various colors.

It is of little wonder then that when the need arose for advertising agencies to professionalize the handling of its outdoor media placements, Lloyd Tronco was called in for the task.

In 2001, the author divested himself of his interest in Tronco Advertising Co., Inc. in Bacolod and moved to Manila to join McCann-Erickson Philippines, handling a large portion of its outdoor media placements through McCann's media division, UniversalMcCann. In his capacity as Out-Of-Home Media Strategist, the author saw the phenomenal growth of OOH Media as a viable income stream for the agency.

April 2005 witnessed the exit of Lloyd Tronco from UniversalMcCann as he had to attend to various non-advertising related matters. However, it was inevitable that the same would have to be involved in the industry he grew up in. Just a few months after leaving agency life, the author was again involved in Out-Of-Home media in two main functions. First was in a role as a management consultant for Out-Of-Home media suppliers/vendors who needed professional insight on how to further enhance internal operations as well as streamline its marketing efforts to a level which advertising agencies and multinational clients are accustomed to.

The second function was that of a market maven wherein ex-colleagues as well as recent acquaintances in the agency world would call him for the rundown of available sites and innovative outdoor media executions. With these two functions, the author provided (and continues to provide) a unique consultancy on a holistic level. This holistic perspective spans the OOH media supplier/vendor's point of view, all the way to the stringent requirements of client/advertiser.

It may go without saying that for any media planner or advertiser wishing to secure a site on EDSA (or any location for that matter), the quickest way to obtain that site is by calling Lloyd Tronco. And it is not only the advertisers or agencies who keep his phone ringing, print and broadcast media call on him for those interviews when the touchy subject of unwarranted billboard proliferation in the metropolis comes up. Points of view have been shared on print titles such as Flip, Metro magazine, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism's I-Report, and on TV, in Jessica Soho Reports and most recently, Boy Abunda's "Kontrobersyal".

Lloyd Tronco currently serves as the Executive Director of the Philippine Center for Out-Of-Home Media Research and Science (philCOuRSe), a business unit which delves into the research aspect of out-of-home media.

for more info on consultancy and available billboard sites, email : outlookph@gmail.com

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Original Post : 1/1/06
Revised : 1/1/10