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One Fine Day at Ayala Greenfields (and a small discussion on OOH Suppliers a.k.a. OOH Vendors)

It was a sunny day at Ayala Greenfields when I met and had a friendly chat with the highly versatile voice talent, Adboard Director, ASAP President (I could actually go on and on with his many titles), Egay Navalta. Normally in the past, I would see Egay in between elevator rides at GT Tower (where McCann's office is located) or at Cityland 10, homebase of the Advertising Suppliers' Association of the Philippines. Either I was rushing to a meeting, or he was rushing to a meeting.

Yesterday was different though. Much as we were started off in discussing about the development in the Calamba and Canlubang area, about retirement, about golf, our conversation still unavoidably veered to advertising. Well, what could we expect? Being practitioners in the advertising industry, the discussion naturally had to go that way.

I handed Egay my new business card outlining my designation as Managing Consultant for Tronco Advertising Co., Inc. The post is being held simultaneous to varying levels of consultancy assignments to other Manila-based OOH media suppliers. The question arises, "Is there really a need for OOH suppliers to require the services of a consultancy?". By all means the answer is a resounding "yes". It is plain to see that even in simple client/agency communications directed to supplier (and vise versa), a host of ambiguities may arise. I remember this being taught in Communications class and referred to as "Channel Noise". To the suppliers utilizing the services of the consultancy, Channel Noise is eliminated in terms of production specs, timings, contracts, and all other factors involved in booking OOH Media. Egay agrees, best practices as imbibed from years of agency transactions will do well to uplift the professionalization of OOH media practices.

So, do all OOH suppliers need the consultancy? Naaaah. There are a number of OOH suppliers who can wing it on their own.

For those suppliers who feel the need to be on top of the game, you know how to get in touch :-) .

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