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We are soon going to lose the iconic Lucky Me billboard site on EDSA

For more than a quarter of a century, Lucky Me was ideally positioned in EDSA on one of the most strategic billboard sites.  I am referring to the rooftop site at the top of the hill of Guadalupe Nuevo.  The Lucky Me EDSA billboard is for me, one of the best billboards on EDSA because it is visible as far as 1.2 kilometers away at the intersection of Buendia and EDSA.

As can be seen in the latest photo, a new structure will be erected on the property before it, and the iconic site will no longer be visible in the future.

Given the key position, I will not be surprised if a new LED screen will be attached to the new building rising.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is an Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  He is a constant subject matter expert on Out-Of-Home Media and Digital Signage.  He is also the industry journalist for OOH in the Philippines. 

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