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Moving Walls Powers Manila's First Ever Programmatic Campaign


Programmatic DV360-Enabled Campaign Steps Into the Philippines For The First Time

Metro Manila, Philippines – Moving Walls, a global ad-tech player powers Philippines’ first-ever programmatic campaign with a well-known Korean multinational electronics company as its first advertiser.

The ad-tech company integrated the campaign through Google DV360 supported by PMX  Precision PH, and automated the planning and buying of Out-of-Home (OOH) on 4 iconic screens in Metro Manila.

Programmatic has been heralded as the driver of media efficiency and connecting billboard media to this technology is attracting digital buyers to the medium. The ad-tech player has built a complete technology stack – Moving Audiences – to connect OOH to the digital ecosystem.

The Moving Audiences platform developed its own location intelligence system that enables OOH planning and measurement. This provides standardized global metrics looking at numbers of unique passengers, reach, and frequency to send contextually relevant ads to the right times and locations.

Quenten Smith, PMX Lead Publicis Philippines at Publicis Media quotes “The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing digital markets in the region and the exciting thing to see about programmatic is that when technology develops, marketers are exposed to more and more opportunities to find and create more holistic experiences for their audiences.”

“We are excited to be the first ad-tech player to lead a google DV360-enabled programmatic DOOH campaign in the region. Programmatic advertising shows a promise of true digital transformation,” said Norman Davadilla, CEO of Moving Walls Philippines. “We believe programmatic buying is the future trend, and enabling this pilot campaign in the region will elevate audience engagement to a whole new level,” he adds.

What It Means For Filipino Marketers

Moving Walls continues to revolutionize outdoor advertising through data and tech and integrating it with omnichannel campaigns.

The integration of Moving Walls Xchange to Google DV360 allows digital agencies to buy and implement DOOH using agency seat IDs. The integration not only provides a bridge between online to offline media but campaigns are only made stronger with data and tech.

Digital advertisers can easily implement and manage Digital OOH in an automated manner which results in greater transparency and accountability of OOH media.

The ad-tech company launching programmatic trading capabilities makes improved campaigns equipped with Ad-Play validation, Audience driven campaigns with customisable audience segments, real-time targeting, and campaign performance reporting.

Location Intelligence is Key to Benefiting from Programmatic OOH

Automating the buying and selling of billboard inventory gives marketers more time to focus on what really matters – improving and optimizing their campaigns. Location intelligence provides the consumer movement insights to enable this.

Today, even for outdoor advertising, “location” is more about the locations being visited by consumers rather than the location of the billboard. This information becomes even more necessary when you factor in that a majority of purchases still happen in physical stores. Time spent outside the home – commuting, shopping, and on leisure activities is also on the rise.

Location intelligence is not only helping marketers understand their customers better – it is driving outdoor programmatic and media decisions.

About Moving Walls (www.movingwalls.com)
Moving walls PH is the leader in Audience Location Data and is the pioneer in programmatic out of home in the Philippines. MOVING WALLS PH works with the world’s leading advertisers, media agencies, and media asset owners to bring transparency and automation to out of home Media. Today, Moving Walls Group processes more than 10 Billion data points and measures more than 35,000 media sites across the globe.

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