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New Telco Player DITO secures Premium OOH Position

The much publicized third telco player, DITO TELECOMMUNITY, launched its NCR campaign the other day by going big using the giant EDSA LED digital signage on GA Tower.

On May 17, 2021, a third telco player in the Philippines finally launched its services in the National Capital Region.  Along with the launch was a digital signage placement on one of the largest LED billboards on EDSA.

My View On Choosing Premium Positions

As an OOH Media Practitioner from both the vendor side in the 1990s to the time I was buying OOH for Globe Telecom in the early 2000s, I like the idea of getting this spot at the GA Tower.  The visibility on this space is good because there are hardly any obstructions to it.

My only problem with the current placement of DITO on this LED is that it is not enough.  I checked the loop and hung around to view it for about 15 minutes and the spaces between the DITO spots are too far apart.  The dominant brands showing now on this screen are the brands of Coca-Cola, namely Coke, Sprite, and Wilkins.



More Aggregate Time Needed

Judging from the space between the DITO spots, I would like to believe that the total daily aggregate time of DITO is less than one hour.  When I say Total Daily Aggregate Time, that is the total time of DITO spots when run end to end.

I personally believe a brand should never go less than one one hour in terms of aggregate time.  Even one hour of aggregate time will only deliver 1/16th of the total time of the LED run for that day.  Most LED billboards on EDSA run for 16 hours.  One sixteenth is really too thin.

In a future post, I will discuss how to get the best time for your placement on an LED. Nevertheless, this is a good start.  I am interested to see how the provincial rollout for Dito will look like.

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