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An EDSA Billboard has found a new purpose beyond ads : ART!


MANDALUYONG CITY, Philippines - Billboards.  Some people like them, some people don't.  The dislike easily comes from the fact that it is often thought of as a cause of urban visual blight.

This February, a visual artist uncovers a new facet for the ubiquitous EDSA billboard, thereby redeeming the purely commercial use for these steel structures.  From this day on, billboards shall be known as versatile pedestals for ground-breaking artworks.

In celebration of the National Arts Month 2021, a Mandaluyong-based artist painted the Philippines' largest abstract painting measuring 62 feet high by 40 feet wide. It is too big for display in an art gallery so it is now displayed on an EDSA billboard located in Mandaluyong City at the corner of EDSA and Ortigas Avenues.

Artist Lloyd Tronco painted the work, "Alab ng Sining" using acrylic on vinyl. See it on EDSA this month of February 2021.

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