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Heavy Traffic May Be Good For OOH But It Has Its Drawbacks

MAKATI, Philippines - There is this notion that heavy traffic on the thoroughfare is the best ingredient for effective out-of-home media.  Well, that is partly true.  While OOH media, especially the type that goes outdoors on our favorite highway, EDSA, thrives on heavy traffic, there is a downside on having too much traffic.  Allow me to explain the notion behind it.

We were working with the OOH measurement tool called OutTrack on a particular site.  Yes, my friend, there is a measurement tool, but let's save that story for another discussion.  At any rate, part of the tool using Artificial Intelligence or AI as we know it, can determine for us the actual traffic count on a thoroughfare.  In this case it was EDSA.

Traffic counts were taken on two separate days.  One was a Friday and one was a Saturday.  As expected, the traffic on Friday was horrible.  Horrible to the person inside the car if you were the motorist or the passenger.  It was also horrible when we saw that the horrendous traffic delivered a low traffic count.  As there were too many vehicles up ahead, less number of cars could pass through.

The Saturday data was better.  There were a lot of motorists on the road but the traffic was moving and thus, more cars passed by equating to more eyeballs delivered.

So remember, just because the traffic is really bad in the area of your billboard site doesn't really mean you have better numbers in terms of Daily Net Viewership.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, is an Out-Of-Home Media Strategist.  He is a constant subject matter expert on matters pertaining to Out-Of-Home Media and Digital Signage.