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OOH Master Class : The Upcoming LED on EDSA Guadalupe Will Diminish Bench's Visibility

If you've been traveling along the EDSA Northbound lane, Guadalupe, you may have noticed that the former spectacular billboard of Smart and Sun is currently being transformed into a giant LED screen. 

While the size of this LED will not exceed the wall mounted LEDs on the PET Plans Building used by Coke and its Non-Carbonated beverages, and the one of Samsung on the GA Tower, the presence of this LED will be of great impact.  The position is superb because it hits the traffic descending from Guadalupe on the Makati side in arena-like fashion.

With the erection of this LED comes not too good news for the brands surrounding it.  Most affected will be the array of Bench billboards to the right.  As it is, Bench is spending millions of PhP on the multiple panels on the right side of the LED. Even so, the Bench array has a few flaws, most obvious would be the fact that the outer and supplementary panels to the direction of Pasig do not really stare back onto the traffic on EDSA. 

Worsening the situation for the Bench billboards is the efficient traffic management of MMDA which herds the commuter buses to the right lane and thus obstructing the view of motorists in the center lanes.  This is easy to picture out in the topmost photo where a bus easily covers the view of the Bench billboard array.

Given that scenario, the erection of the LED will further distract the viewer away from the Bench array.  It will even distract the viewer away from the competing LED.

So what is Bench to do?  Well, if I were Bench and money was not an issue, I would lock-out the entire LED and make it part of the entire array thereby having a great mix of LED and static at the same time.

The writer, Lloyd Tronco, has been observing trends in out-of-home media in the Philippines since the 1970s. 

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