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Lloyd Tronco : 10 Years Of Blogging About Out-Of-Home Media and More

Out-Of-Home Media is today more than just another vertical in the media landscape.  In fact, outdoor advertising or OOH as it is commonly referred to, has become to some quarters the main focus of their marketing communications efforts. 

This year, I celebrate one decade of having blogged about the outdoor advertising industry in the Philippines.  It has been a great journey seeing all the changes take place right before my eyes and documenting them digitally for everyone else to access.

Some may have a hard time believing this but my first brush with outdoor advertising happened 38 years ago.  It was a literal first brush because at that time, our backyard in Bacolod City was filled with 6'x12' GI sheet panels which were the tarpaulins of the olden days.  I picked up a lettering brush and tried to do what the sign painters were doing.  In those days, there were no digital inkjet printers. 

Today, we have LEDs, LCDs, and various digitally flavored out-of-home media options.  So many changes have taken place and yet, there is still more ground to be covered.

With this, I am committed to write more about OOH Media in the next 10, 20, and even 30 years. 

I started writing this blog 10 years ago under the title www.outlookph.blogspot.com.  Today, I cap the first 10 years of it and start its new life under a new name : OUTDOOR.PH .

I am excited to chronicle what's up ahead while keeping a firm grasp on what has taken place in the past - Typhoon Milenyo included.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Philippine advertising industry : please welcome OUTDOOR.PH .

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