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Staying Relevant via Social Media

You’re missing out if you’re not on Facebook.

This is true not only of trend and social acceptance-conscious adolescents, but also of multinational companies. If you’re a multinational, a medium-scale enterprise or even a mom and pop, you’re missing out on millions of potential leads and customers if you are too apprehensive in trying social media.

For the past five to ten years, the Internet has proven to be a place where interesting content, and marketing campaigns can go viral in a matter of hours. Today, with the social-centric structure of the Internet, companies now have a whole slew of platforms to use for their marketing campaigns. From the way search is structured on Google, and down to the mega-enterprises of Twitter and Facebook, new avenues to be seen and heard are at anyone's grasp.

Viral campaigns are basically a matter of finding the right strategy. The first step is to know your market. In the first place, find out what works for the demographic you want to zero in. For example: Twitter may work in the US or in Manila, but it may flop in the provinces. Facebook, on the other hand, seems to be a universal medium for the moment.

As they say, keep up or lose out. If you fail to keep up with trends, the best that could happen to you is a popularity lag. The worst? Try extinction and obscurity; exactly like the dinosaur.


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