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International/Regional Outdoor News

Although the main focus of this blog is to chronicle the outdoor media "happenings" in the Philippines, I deemed it best to place some input on what's happening in the APAC region as well as those in the more developed markets.

I start off with three news items:

1) Nokia outdoor account in China currently up for pitch

BEIJING - an estimated US$10 million outdoor media business is currently under review by mobile phone giant Nokia in China This involves outdoor media buying and planning. The incumbent outdoor agency is Heartland Media which is owned by the Aegis group.

In addition to the incumbent, five other agencies may be in the running for the lucrative account: OMD, Universal McCann, Dentsu, CMX and Portland.

2) Shanghai cracks down on outdoor advertising

SHANGHAI - To combat what it sees as an over-proliferation of outdoor advertising in Shanghai, the Shanghai government plans to introduce regulations governing size and placement of all outdoor promotions. The government has stated that a recently enforced ban on outdoor advertising approvals in the city is part of a clean-up effort ahead of the 2010 World Expo.

The restrictions follow a similar decree in Beijing that has left the city’s billboards bare in preparation for the Olympics.

Honestly, it looks just like the Philippines to me...key outdoor accounts changing hands while government clamps down on regulating the proliferation of billboards.

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