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An Unprecedented Favorable Response

Out of curiosity, I shot out several copies of this email to a number of key leaders in the Philippine advertising world. The email read:



In the past few years, Out-Of-Home Media has been gaining ground as a medium and even eating into the adspend share of broadcast (as substantiated by Nielsen Media Research). With the medium growing further into the next few years, there will be a need for a constant delivery of a holistic POV on the medium.

As one straddling the gap between supplier and advertiser/agency, the big picture on OOH Media is a lot clearer from where I stand. It is in this respect that I am pleased to inform you of the availability of the presentation entitled :

"Inside Outdoor : A glimpse of emerging trends in the business of out-of-home media"

This is a 30 minute presentation which will provide your media staff and managers with an accelerated and wide-angle view on the growth and trends of OOH as a medium as well as the rapidly changing business dynamics.

Benefits are an overall appreciation of the opportunities and challenges of the medium.

Please feel free to call on me if you have any queries or would like to schedule the presentation.

With best regards,

Out-Of-Home Media Strategist at-large

I am amazed. In 8 hours I have created a full schedule for the days to come. Back to back presentations for next week.

Looks like most of the agencies are hungry for data and perspectives on the medium we know as Out-Of-Home.

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